06.2019 - Spectrum News

Chiptune Musicians Uses Retro Video Game Equipment

"We are, at the core, a rock band but the 8-bit gives it another dimension, another emotional connection."

04.2019 - LA Times

Game Boys have infinite lives. At 30, they live on in unexpected ways

"It’s very complex — like of emotions of naiveté and childlike innocence...”

04.2019 - VoyageLA

Paladin Shield

"Paladin Shield strives to be a transcendental entity that encourages inclusiveness, friendship, and protection of one another in a dark and cruel world."

10.2018 - Chiptunes=Win

Chip Bit Sid Takes On: Paladin Shield – ‘Many Blessings’

‘Many Blessings’ is a tremendous listen and one I’ll happily buy to continue my collection of ‘Paladin Shield’ and all of ‘chiprock’ genre.

12.2016 - Noisey/Vice

LA's Chiptune Scene Is More Than Just Nerds with Game Boys

"The band rides a line of guilty pleasure hooks, and down-and-dirty, cut-off-shirt rockin' riffage. It ends up with a spine-tingling, sweet, almost childlike naivety."

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